Mission Statement

"By practicing Taekwondo every day, it is a goal to achieve a gold medal at the podium, but more importantly it is essential to achieve a gold medal in life". - Master Sun Jung of Sun's Taekwondo.

About Sun's Taekwondo School

Sun's Taekwondo has been providing Chatham-Kent with quality Taekwondo instruction for over 23 years. At Sun's Taekwondo the instructors know the situation of each student and addresses instruction to each individual student as needed to guide them to the path of success; in life and as a martial artist.

Most sports are all competitive by nature. Sun's Taekwondo does offer classes directed towards those students who wish compete, whether it is at recreational level or at a more elite level of provincially, nationally or internationally. Taekwondo is different than other sports, not everyone has to be competitive or have natural abilities to participate in Taekwondo. Sun's Taekwondo's main program allows for students to excel at Taekwondo as an art in a non-competitive, structured and rewarding environment.

Master Jung has a very respectable reputation for his knowledge and instructional abilities that students have traveled from as far as Detroit, Sarnia and London to receive his professional instruction. Master Jung has developed his own teaching methods and style that are one of its kind and can not be imitated by others, developed from decades of training, studying and teaching experiences.

The instruction at Sun's Taekwondo goes into finer detail than most other martial arts school. This makes it easier for the students to learn, understand and perform.

Why Taekwondo for Toddlers 3 - 5 years old?

Toddlers that practice Taekwondo learn how to socialize and interact with other students while still learning the techniques of Taekwondo. Toddlers are taught how to properly interact in a group setting which is acceptable in a public environment which will prepare them for their upcoming childcare and school years.

Why Taekwondo for children ages 6 - 12?

Taekwondo is a great activity for children who are hyper active. Taekwondo allows for them to release energy while teaching them how to control this energy and calm their bodies down. For children who are shy Taekwondo helps them to become a little more outgoing and increases their self esteem through positive feedback and rewarding them with belt promotions.

Why Taekwondo for teenagers 13 -19?

Taekwondo provides a physical workout while teaching respect and an understanding of the many different changes they are experiencing in life and how to handle these changes.

Why Taekwondo for Adults?

Taekwondo provides physical activity that helps maintain strong health. Taekwondo training assists adults in increasing their flexibility, agility and mobility. Taekwondo allows for adults to build a strong future.

Why Taekwondo for Seniors?

Taekwondo provides a social atmosphere and promotes seniors to enjoy life. Taekwondo increases seniors mobility and health. Its never to late to start Taekwondo, our seniors are pleased with the results they receive through their Taekwondo training.