Chatham Taekwondo promoting the sport of Taekwondo. Children, Teenagers, Adults

Chatham Taekwondo would firstly like to thank St. Clair College's Child and Youth Worker accelerated program for their recent donation to the children's competition team.

Chatham Taekwondo School LogoTaekwondo is a martial art that not only teaches self defense, physical activity and a healthy life style but it also teaches discipline, respect and focus. Children who practice Taekwondo have an improved lifestyle not only at the Taekwondo School but as well at home and at their everyday academic school.

Chatham TaekwondoChatham Taekwondo is a registered non-profit organization. It is an affiliate school of Sun's Taekwondo that promotes the sport of Taekwondo. When you sign up with Sun's Taekwondo you become an automatic member of Chatham Taekwondo. If you're interested in sparring join Chatham Taekwondo and take part in the performance classes at no additional cost.

Taekwondo is an expensive sport, especially if your interests are in the sport of Taekwondo and competing in tournaments. There is mandatory equipment that each competitor must provide in order to participate in tournaments.

Chatham TaekwondoAll tournaments have registration fees per participant along with travel expenses and at times accommodations. Chatham Taekwondo tries to help as much as possible to sponsor children and their families with some of these costs.

Chatham Taekwondo is currently raising money to be able to provide team equipment which could be share amongst the team members. As well as purchasing some up to date training aids that would benefit not only the athletes but all students practicing Taekwondo.

Chatham TaekwondoAny organizations, business's, or person that might be interested in making a contribution to our children's performance team please feel free to contact Master Jung or Instructor Formosa at 519-351-1186 or by e-mail to