A message from Master Sun Jung

Master Sun Jung, Taekwondo InstructorWelcome to Sun's Taekwondo and thank you for visiting my website. I first arrived in Canada in 1986. I decided against choosing a big city, I had made my choice to teach Taekwondo in Chatham-Kent as there was a lack of professional instruction in the area. At this time Taekwondo was becoming very popular and there was a very big interest in the sport as Taekwondo debut in the Olympics was just around the corner. I trained my students hard for 1 year and a half. One of my students successfully qualified as a member of Team Canada. I coach my student at the 1988 Olympics in Korea and achieved Canada's first Olympic medal in the sport of Taekwondo. Several years later the Canadian Women's team consisted of 8 positions and 4 of those spots where my students.

My reputation for teaching the sport of Taekwondo was widely spreading and students started traveling from as far as 200km surrounding Chatham-Kent to receive my high class instruction. Now that I am getting older in age I have changed my focus from competitions to that of the art in the promoting of living a long, strong healthy life. I have turned the competition over to Instructor Formosa. I have full confidence in my assistant head instructor to continue a strong and successful competitor program. I still offer my advice and support this program.

My concentration is on providing Taekwondo that can be learned by anybody in the public. My Taekwondo program provides a fit, healthy workout while still learning the art of Taekwondo. The way I have designed my program makes Taekwondo easy to learn. Anybody in any physical condition can learn my style of Taekwondo. I invite everybody to try Taekwondo to reach a happier, stronger, healthier life.

Feel free to contact by phone anytime of the day. I enjoy discussing martial arts but if you feel I may be of assistance to you on another topic please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Master Sun Jung
Sun's Taekwondo